Good deals don't always last very long - and this time my friends and I bring a special pack to help you with Reels. Don't miss out on this!

December 2021

Good deals don't always last very long. One has already flown by - there are two more left. Open this email to view what you shouldn't miss out on!

November 2021

There's a starter pack that's great if you're struggling with content for your business Instagram profile. Open this email to find out how you can get…
Thirty-third issue and I'm finally back with three things - three amazing deals, to be specific - that you don't want to miss out on.

June 2021

Did you manage to pre-order the essential oil pack? No. No problem, I've got a special discount for those of you who have not bought it yet!
Every business has their go-to essential marketing tips that work for them. If you work with essential oils, then here are some for you!

May 2021

Got your social media accounts all pumped up with content? Now to work on a long-term strategy: get your blog in order. Read more.
Is your small business on TikTok? I wrote an article about my journey on TikTok and why I believe you need to bank on it as soon as you can. Read more…

April 2021

TikTok isn't stopping for anyone and I think it's time that we embrace its awesomeness and jump on board. Here's something that'll help you do that.

March 2021

Last chance to get some of the amazing bonuses I lined up for my birthday month. Read more to find out what's in store.
I turn 34 and I'm in the mood to give away a lot of stuff. Read to find out what's in store for those of you who have bought my ebook!
March is my favourite months, which means I'm feeling super generous and there'll be more bonuses coming your way (especially for my ebook buyers!).