Mini Markethings Issue 9

There is a simple two-step process to creating and sharing content and I cover it in this issue. Plus, a sneak preview of my e-book that I'm launching this week!

✨ Highlight of the week:

As busy or solopreneurs (micro-businesses, home-based businesses - I’m looking at you, too), you may not have enough time to continuously come up with content to build your authority or showcase your expertise on social media.

So how do you stand out from your peers?

The trick? 

There are two!

1 - Repurpose old content

Take snippets from old blog posts or social media posts and create images on another platform.

E.g. Share your Instagram content on LinkedIn.

Or use your video files and convert them into audio to create podcasts. 

Use what you already have to save time and reach out to people in different ways.

2 - Curate posts

Take what's already there, give credit and put your own opinions to it.

For example, write what you feel about after reading a news article about something in your industry.

Or share a statistic from an authority magazine/leader and comment on whether you agree or even disagree.

Highlighted Resource:

  • The Instagram Starter Pack bundle will be released this weekend. My e-book “Writing Hacks for Instagram” is a part of it, along with many other resources. Reply to this email if you’d like the link to purchase it.

  • My ByteClass registration page: Instagram Caption Writing Hacks

  • Watch my interview with the ladies at The Freelancers Academy on YouTube

Instagram Writing Tip (Preview from my e-book launching this week):

Get the ebook here.

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