Mini Markethings Issue 7

How often do you spend time away from client work and focus on marketing your own business? I learned the importance of this the hard way this month

✨ Highlight of the week:

How many hours a week do you spend on your business?

I’m currently working with my mentor, Pete Boyle, on streamlining and upscaling my freelance business.

Pete always emphasises how we should block out some hours in a week to work on content for our own platforms + to nurture prospects.

The thing is - it’s not that I didn’t already know this.

But I have always prioritised others.

I concentrate on client work seven days a week, all hours of work.

I create content for myself “when I have time”.

No more.

Putting this “marketing hour” in the back burner has affected my business. I don’t have a healthy pipeline of pending clients and my bottom line has been impacted, which means I’m finding trouble achieving my business goals for the year! Truth.

I was reading Kai Davis’s newsletter about how 4 hours a week of working on your business will give you a positive outcome.

I don’t know if I have that many hours to spare but I definitely am blocking off more time to work on my business.

Two Sundays have passed where I spent a few hours creating content for the week. So far, I’m doing well with my social media platforms (I already got two clients through LinkedIn!). I also spent all last Sunday working on my website, updating my portfolio and services (

Naturally, there’s more to do and I have to keep this momentum going.

Here’s my plan:

  • Tuesdays (or) Thursdays - 1.5 hours to search and send out pitches

  • Sundays - 1.5 hours preparing content for my Instagram, LinkedIn and Substack newsletter

That’s it. 3 hours per week for now.

Let’s see how it goes. I’ll keep at it and maybe do a post about what works for a solopreneur like me on my Medium blog in due time.

I know why the “marketing hour” is emphasised so much now.

Are you blocking off time every week to work on your own business for long-term gains?

Highlighted Resources:

  • 30-Day Social Media Calendar price goes up on 1st October 2020. Only two slots left! DM me on Instagram to find out more about this service.

  • Coming Soon: I’m working on an ebook called “Writing Hacks for Instagram”. Keen to get a copy? Join the waiting list to get a special price when it’s out.

Social Media Tip:

How many of you are on more than one social media platform?

I sure am. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

To be fair, I find myself on these platforms to stay updated with what's out there. I'm a content marketer so I need to know what content is out in the social media marketing world, don't I?

But there's another reason for this, too.

We build communities as we grow. So why limit to one community only?

Many may benefit from what we have to offer. If we can’t teach anything, who knows maybe we can learn something from putting ourselves out there and consuming content of experts.

Branch out. Talk to different people, get different perspectives. Grow.

Favourite reads from the internet:

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