Mini Markethings Issue 6

Stories are important and not just for your personal brand but for your business, too. Plus, bonus social media package on offer for you in this issue.

✨ Highlight of the week:

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell." - Seth Godin

I've been approached by a handful of people recently to help them with either writing their profiles or to ghostwrite their autobiographies.

Previously, I would get one or two enquiries of this nature every few months.

Now, I get one or two of such requests every other week.

People are starting to recognise how important telling their story is.

Profiles are no longer about our qualifications and number of years of experience in an industry or field.

Business owners want to tell their life stories and share with their customers their struggles and lessons of how they got to where they are.

Stories are so important to help resonate with your audience. 

Even businesses are writing blog posts and social media captions in a more conversational manner. 

Stories help to paint a picture of how your product or service is useful for them and how it can help to solve their known or unknown problems.

In a conversation with a fellow marketer, she emphasised how content marketing is essentially storytelling.

And she's absolutely right.

What's your story?

Social Media Tip:

Aside from helping my clients write captions for social media posts, there is only one other social media package that I offer.

A one-time 30-day social media calendar with 30 Instagram posts ideas (comes with suggested captions and hashtags plus inspiration for images).

What does this do for you?

Imagine batching content every week only to end up drowning in that pool of never-ending information on the internet during your research.

With this playbook, you get tips on how to strategise your platforms and 30 post ideas with suggested captions and hashtags that you can just make your own and paste into your scheduler.

How easy is that?

I don't market this much but whoever has taken up this service has always been happy and has given me amazing reviews.

Two things have happened since then:
- I realised I offer a lot of value and therefore am raising my rates
- I also want to help as many #solopreneurs as I can, so anyone who reaches out to me to book a slot before the end of September can get this service at my usual rate

Interested? Schedule a call to discuss more.

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