Mini Markethings Issue 5

Did you know that working with like-minded folks helps your productivity and creativity, making you a better marketer? Here's my story

✨ Highlight of the week:

I want to talk about collaboration.

I recently connected with a bunch of amazing female creators on Instagram.

Now, from the outside, people would think we do pretty much the same work.

Our services all revolve around offering content to our clients.

Wouldn’t that make us competitors?

Apparently not.

We’ve been speaking together on ways that we can collaborate instead of compete. We are just honestly a bunch of ladies who want to offer more value to solopreneurs and independent creatives.

We want to do this because we were once struggling, too.

We have only just started brainstorming but through one Zoom call, we’ve already identified ways that we can help others PLUS help our little group too.

Some of us have shared our insider knowledge, while others have decided to work on an Instagram challenge together (which I’m so nervous to do, by the way!). Not only is this a great way to keep each other accountable for the work we do, a lot of these ideas have also triggered other creative output from the individual members of this group.

Truth be told, as an introvert, I’ve spent a majority of my entrepreneurial life working solo.

This year, surprisingly with all the social distancing rules, I feel like I’ve worked better with like-minded people around me.

I’ve got a mentor and our group calls are refreshingly motivating.

I’ve been chatting with these lovely fempreneurs and I’m excited to work on more content that can help other independent business owners too.

If you’re struggling with working alone, reach out and ask for help!

You can always schedule a call with me if you want to talk about anything marketing-related.

Content Marketing Tip:

In my latest post on Instagram, I talk about lead magnets.

I have come to love lead magnets.

When I first started my writing career, I knew how important email lists could be, but I never got to it. “I’ll do it later,” I often told myself.

Eight years later.

“Oh no, why didn’t I do it earlier!?”

Today, I speak with younger business owners who tell me they’ll do it later and my response is a dramatic “nooooooo…” (I watch way too many Bollywood movies, sorry).

Lead magnets can benefit a business and an audience. One gets closer to buyers, and the latter gets to understand a business better. Plus, if someone doesn’t have the budget to purchase from you yet, at least you’ve captured their potential interest.

Need help with building a lead magnet for your website?

Let’s talk. Schedule a call with me.

Social Media Tip:

If there’s one social media account that never fails to amaze me, it’s Gary Vee’s.


The sheer amount of content he produces.

And repurposes!

Fine, you can say the man has a team of people working for him. Easy peasy.

But let’s not talk about the strength of his team. Let’s instead focus on what he does.

He creates bite-sized videos from one talk he does. This then becomes images, and then gets shared like crazy.

It’s actually a pretty simple concept. In fact, I just did the content repurposing in the content marketing tip above, if you didn’t notice it!

Use my example and try it on your social media profile this week.

Read more about Gary Vee’s repurposing pillar content strategy here:

Favourite reads from the internet:

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