Mini Markethings Issue 29

Is your small business on TikTok? I wrote an article about my journey on TikTok and why I believe you need to bank on it as soon as you can. Read more on Medium.

✨ Highlight of the week:

Last week, Renee from PeachyPixx and I launched the Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok course.

Renee has always been an advocate of the platform.

After all, she’s a videographer and TikTok is a short-video based platform.

I, on the other hand, prefer platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.

But as a marketer, we’ve got to try everything.

And we have to assess which platform works best for our clients - not just our brands.

If you’re not sure how TikTok is beneficial, or if you small business even needs to be on it, I wrote an article where I broke down my entire process.

Click here to read it.

Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok

The Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok self-paced course is now LIVE!

We’ve put together this amazing video training plus strategy plus cheat sheet guide that takes you through TikTok.

It’ll help you START a TikTok account and stay consistent.

It’ll help your brand appear on TikTok and hopefully even help you grow your followers and sales!


It’ll help you:

  • understand how to create TikTok videos for your brand via step-by-step explainer videos.

  • understand and nail all the technical aspects behind TikTok without feeling overwhelmed.

  • grow your brand with genuine, engaging content for an audience who is ready to buy from you.

For only S$12, purchase the Kickstarter Pack today.

Price goes up to $19 on the 12th of May.


Let’s make your TikTok awesome!

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