Mini Markethings Issue 28

TikTok isn't stopping for anyone and I think it's time that we embrace its awesomeness and jump on board. Here's something that'll help you do that.

✨ Highlight of the week:

For the last two weeks, I've been active on TikTok.

Me. The person who kept saying "NO THANK YOU" to TikTok. The one who thought that TikTok was for the younger crowd.

But, like I've said before, as a marketer, we've got to know what's out there.

So I decided to test TikTok out for a client.

The client? My dad who had no choice but to let me do it anyway. 😂

How has it been?

It was daunting at first. Trying to figure out TikTok was seemingly more intimidating than when I started on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Heck, even Pinterest was a breeze.

❌But not TikTok.

It made me anxious.

Fortunately, my business buddies were there to help. We guided each other. Even did a TikTok challenge that Renee Ismail came up with.

✅And now TikTok is so much easier!

There are still issues I face like not going against guidelines, figuring out the hashtags, trying to find sounds that match what I want to showcase.

All in all, though, TikTok is mostly fun.

If you think TikTok is something you're considering for your brand, here’s what Renee and I have worked on….

Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok

What better way to expand your brand’s reach than by getting on TikTok?

This Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok course/challenge is now open!

I’ve collaborated with the lovely Renee Ismail from PeachyPixx to come up with this “everything you need” pack.

Everything that we’ve shared is tried and tested.

We’ve done all these things ourselves and we’ve got some healthy, organic results.

💪🏼And you can do it TOO!

We’ve put together this amazing video training plus strategy plus cheat sheet guide that takes you through TikTok.

It’ll help you START a TikTok account and stay consistent.

It’ll help your brand appear on TikTok and hopefully even help you grow your followers and sales!

Are you ready to grow your brand’s digital presence?

For only S$12, purchase the Kickstarter Pack today.

Price goes up to $19 on the 12th of May.


Let’s make your TikTok awesome today!

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