Mini Markethings Issue 26

I turn 34 and I'm in the mood to give away a lot of stuff. Read to find out what's in store for those of you who have bought my ebook!

✨ Highlight of the week:

I celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday.

To me, my birthday has always been a season of giving (instead of receiving - I know, I’m weird. Unless you want to give me a present? Buy me a cuppa!)

That’s why I’ve been going crazy with the bonuses this month:

➡️ Week #1 - Medium blog post with my free LinkedIn post challenge

Here’s the article: How I Get Followers & Clients on LinkedIn (+ A 7-Day LinkedIn Post Challenge For You)

➡️ Week #2 - Clubhouse meet-up with biz buddies plus Clubhouse invite giveaways

I still have three more invites. DM me on Instagram if you want in!

➡️ Week #3 (this week!) - Special giveaway for those who have bought my ebook

Wondering what’s on the bonus list?

  • A new and improved ebook plus some free templates

  • A whopping 50% off my next product (which launches in April 2021)

  • A 30% discount on one of my courses

Get my “Writing Hacks for Instagram” ebook (40+ page PDF) before 31st March and automatically be added to the waitlist to get even more bonuses from me! Buy it here. 

Favourite reads from the internet:

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