Mini Markethings Issue 24

It was quiet around here but there was sure a lot of noise in my head. Finally sharing my 1,600-word blog post on LinkedIn with the world. Phew, epic post ahead.

✨ Highlight of the week:

Well, hello there.

Sorry I’ve been missing in action with the newsletter for a while.

Just getting my head wrapped around all the changes with work and with trying to actually create some quality posts on Instagram.

The good news is, while I’ve been quiet on Substack…

I finally published my epic blog post on LinkedIn posts.

Read it here: How I Get Followers & Clients on LinkedIn (+ A 7-Day LinkedIn Post Challenge For You)

In this post, I share in detail how:

  • I kickstarted my posting journey on LinkedIn

  • The simple posting formula that worked for me

  • PLUS, 7 days worth of post topic prompts that you can use to get started on posting quality content (and growing!) your LinkedIn profile.

This challenge not only worked for me, but also for five other business buddies of mine. I share some of their posts in this article, too.

Go read it if you want to grow your LinkedIn profile, too.

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➡️ Need help with caption writing for Instagram instead? Take my Udemy course: Instagram Caption Writing Hacks

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