Mini Markethings Issue 23

I get asked all sorts of questions about how to write better on Instagram. I share my thought process when I write captions for a client (+new ebook cover!)

✨ Highlight of the week:

I want to talk about some of the common questions I get asked about writing on Instagram.

The questions range from topics such as:

  • Writing the best caption

  • Which CTAs to use

  • How to write on stories

  • What is a “good-enough” bio

The Instagram writing game isn’t the same as blogging.

But it isn’t all that different either.

When we write blogs, we typically start with a topic in mind (or a headline), we then outline the subheadings. We think about how we can lead a reader into the article and break down the points we’re trying to get across.

Same principle applies.

Naturally, the character count for Instagram is lower. Call it micro blogging if you want.

Think of it as a more succinct version of what you would write on a long-form piece of article or blog post.

The most recent question I got asked is “what’s my thought process when I write captions for a client?”

It’s a simple process, really.

  1. Put yourself in the client’s shoes; what story do they want to share

  2. Ask your client who their target audience is. Align their stories to what their target would want to hear.

  3. Research competitors or collaborators. Find out what works.

  4. Write.

That’s pretty much it. Does it take time to do this? Yes. It does require practice.

What helps me is having a sort of template in my head for every client. I know what type of posts work better for different niches.

Plus, having my own ebook to refer to with templates on writing on Instagram - so helpful.

Have you gotten a copy of my book yet?

I’ve just launched a version on Kindle, with a new cover and all, too!

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