Mini Markethings Issue 21

Words have power. A pretty Instagram feed isn't enough if your captions have no substance. How to create great captions? Read on to find out.

✨ Highlight of the week:

I regularly get requests to write captions.

It’s one of my favourite things to do, really.

Creating captions for another person’s Instagram profile is a process.

When I get a project, I first check out their niche, look out for what works (I read blogs and research competitors).

Then I revisit their existing profiles and see what has worked for them. I note the style they write in. Too much of a difference in cadence might throw people off.

Then I list down favourite ideas.

Then I write. Sometimes, rewrite. Out of habit, I tend to write professionally. But these days, conversational captions seem to work better.

Then I edit.

Then I submit.

✨ And sometimes, I get responses like these from my clients:

➡️Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to know that these processes are not just things I do because I’m a writer and I’ve been hired to do a job.

It’s because I’m actually passionate about learning the best captions there are.

Even as a writer, I know trends change. Preferences change.

It’s a never-ending learning journey.

Something that you need to hop on board with. You need to do this research and find out what your audience wants if you want your captions to convert.

But I KNOW it takes time to do this. This is why I’m currently working on something to help you with your caption writing journey.

➡️ Want in? Join the waitlist.

➡️ Can’t wait? Take my Udemy course: Instagram Caption Writing Hacks

Favourite reads from the internet:

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