Mini Markethings Issue 20

Oops! I completely forgot to update you on the results of my Instagram experiments - so here it is. Something to pick up for 2021, maybe?

✨ Highlight of the week:

It’s only week two of January - no, of the year! - and I’m on a roll.

In my excitement to share my content coaching programme, I completely forgot to update you on the experiments I ran for my Instagram account last year.

As a recap, I highlighted the Instagram Experiments plan in Issue 18.

This was the full list I shared on my Instagram account, too.

I’m happy to share the results of these experiments with you today:

  • Unfollow all dead accounts - this ended up being a healthy list culling exercise. I unfollowed a lot of old accounts, most that have not been updated with content for more than 6 months. I also removed “dead” followers, although I’m glad not many dead accounts were following me, so my follower numbers didn’t take a big hit.

  • Repost top post in stories - I initially intended to just share these stories with some captions but decided to make it a fun video challenge for myself instead. So I picked the top three and added more valuable content by recording myself speak about in on video. Scary exercise, but I did it!

  • DM followers I’ve never spoken to - Unfortunately, I chose the holiday weekend for this so I didn’t get much response, but I got two people who replied and said my feed has been beneficial for them. Grateful.

  • Post during non-peak hours - While knowing what time your audience lingers on Instagram is helpful to catch them, this exercise made me realise that it’s not so much the time but the content that matters. I’m still trying this exercise by posting at various times but evenings still seem to work a little better for me.

  • Add alt text to images - Still testing this one out as Instagram search isn’t that popular yet. Not much to report here, unfortunately, but I must add that I also did focus a bit on hashtags and that has been quite fruitful in improving my content’s reach.

Does any of these experiments resonate with you?

If you’ve tried any of these, let me know what your results are!

Last call for my 1:1 90-day Content Coaching programme. In this coaching programme, you will receive help with:

  • Recognising your strengths and weakness in content creation

  • Determining the offers you plan to promote throughout the year

  • Establishing the content that will help to attract your audience to this offer

  • Preparing content to capture leads

  • Preparing content to nurture leads

  • Recognising the types of content needed for a long-term business strategy

  • Determining a calendar’s year worth of content and finding quick hacks to create them

Reply to this email if you’re interested.

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