Mini Markethings Issue 2

Breaking down productivity and some quick hacks to repurposing content for different platforms

✨ Highlight of the week:

I’ve got something to say about productivity this week.

I felt a little under the weather last week.

What does an independent business owner, who more often than not works alone on their business, to do when there is just no energy left to work?

I want to say you can outsource but I was too tired to instruct someone else on how to do my work.

I wanted to rest.

So I rested.

But more importantly, I reflected.

I needed some clarity with the work I was doing. A few weeks prior to this, I was running around like a headless chicken trying to finish all my work.

I was busy, but not productive.

So I thought about what I wanted to do better.

Et voilà, I got it by staring at the ceiling through some serious contemplation.

My point?

Sometimes you need to take a step back before you can get back to work. It will feel like you’re wasting time, but sometimes you need an a-hah! moment to help you regain your footing and you actually get more work done after.

Social Media Tip:

I’ve started experimenting with repurposing content.

My mentor, Pete, has asked us to be a little more active on LinkedIn as it’s naturally a great place to secure business leads.

But listen, guys, I’m tired.

After all the client work I do by myself, plus managing the existing social media accounts I have, I’m beat.

So how do I find time to come up with fresh content all the time?

I don’t. I just repurpose my content.

That’s another productivity tip for you, by the way.

How do I do it for LinkedIn?

  • I scroll through my Instagram profile and find content that is related to writing that I’ve spoken about before,

  • I copy and paste the caption into LinkedIn and spin the entire thing to a story (which is 100% true) about why I feel that way. For example, if I’m talking about how a business should start a blog on Instagram, I change it to talk about how a client of mine actually benefited from plugging and writing a blog for her business (results!),

  • I type out three such posts on Sunday evening on Hootsuite and schedule them for the upcoming week. Hootsuite publishes it on my LinkedIn profile directly.


Truth be told, right now I have still NO IDEA as to how LinkedIn engagement. It’s a hit and miss for now, but I’m learning. Will share results if I find any.

In the meantime… read: 52 Tips After Writing on LinkedIn For 52 Weeks - one of my favourite articles from this week. Check out points #5, #6, #7 … ok, who am I kidding? Most of these points are gold.

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