Mini Markethings Issue 19

It's a new year and there is work to do. Start early - align your content goals with your values and offers in mind. Here's how.

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Happy new year!

Phew, what a year 2020 has been. I’m not going to get into all that - we’ve all lived through these trying times and have our set of lessons to carry forward into 2021.

While I’m always grateful for all the things I’ve learned, I’m even more excited to see what this year has to bring. I feel like 2020 has given me the clarity I need with my business, and I’ll be sharing this process I’ve gone through (and still do!) with my content coaching clients.

Yep - you read that right!

I decided towards the end of 2020 that I wanted to start coaching people to strategise their business content better.

It was a rather random decision (I’m random like that). I shared what I wanted to impart and the steps on how I plan to do so.

And that was how my 90-day content coaching programme was launched.

The programme will only run for the first quarter of the month, so if you’re keen let me know at the soonest. I’ve already got one student who has enrolled and has started working on her content, and I’m beaming with delight at the possibilities that are lying ahead for her.

But this is not just any content coaching programme.

I believe in leading by example, which is why I’ve set up a workbook and an entire plan that I’m going through along with my participants. All those who have signed up are solopreneurs like me, so I understand the struggle of doing things alone and I plan to break this loneliness through my 90-day programme as well.

So far, I’ve already planned content for all the platforms I’m actively engaged in for the first quarter of the year!

That’s 46 ideas listed down - some of which I’ve already written out (including this newsletter - hello!). I’ll be working on designing these pieces of content this week.

And these are not just any run-of-the-mill content pieces. These pieces are aligned with my personal values, adds more value to my audience, and is also focused on the offers I have lined up for the entire year.

I do so by:

  • Ensuring that my personal values are met through my work

  • Revisiting what my business values and goals are

  • Preparing content that circles back to my offers (products/services)

  • Mixing my content up with different content buckets

There’s so much to do.

It sounds overwhelming but this process has become easier for me especially after I have streamlined the tools I use and since I’ve kept aside my marketing hour every week where I batch my content creation.

What about you? Do you still feel overwhelmed with content creation?

Let me know if I can help.

Time to plug back in from the holidays and power through the year!

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