Mini Markethings Issue 16

What a crazy November! It's been so crazy I almost forgot to send out this week's issue. But I remembered and you don't want to miss this update.

✨ Highlight of the week:

Last weekend was SO CRAZY.

I had a webinar where I shared Instagram Content Creator Hacks with Club Managers in Singapore.

Then I had the ByteClass with The Freelancers Academy.

And then we just closed off the sale for the Instagram Content Marketing Starter Pack.

Plus, it has been the week I’m out of quarantine so everyone wanted a piece of me (I’m not boasting, there’s just so much to do!).

Now that I have a bit of a breather, I’d like to share a few things that I learned last weekend.

These details are about LinkedIn:

  • Only about 10% of people create/share posts on LinkedIn.

  • The best kind of content to share on LinkedIn is personal stories, followed by commentary on curated posts.

  • If you want a better reach for your business, you do so on your personal profile and not on a business/company page.

This news isn’t quite new to me.

I’ve been trying to help my clients promote their business pages and it just doesn’t seem to work.

That’s why I’ve been pushing them to create content on their personal LinkedIn.

But time, people. Time is such a problem!

Who has time to sit down and talk about how your day was?

So we do the next best thing - we curate.

Find stories about your industry or blog posts about your niche and share them with your commentary.

Still don’t think you have time to do that too?

That’s where I come in with my LinkedIn growth packages.

+ I’m offering 50% off the first 3-months for anyone who signs up for any of the packages before the end of 2020. (2 slots left!).

LinkedIn is the place to be in 2021.

Interested? Talk to me.

Favourite reads from the internet:

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