Mini Markethings Issue 15

Black Friday is arriving. Have you prepared marketing material for the much-awaited sale period? Here's a quick checklist to read through before you launch

✨ Highlight of the week:

Black Friday weekend is upon us.

Some business owners have already launched their promos and sales. A few popped up last week on my feed, while most of them are starting now.

My business buddies and I are also giving you another chance to get the Instagram Content Marketing Starter Pack bundle. This is the last time we’re doing this sale, and it’ll only last from 27th to 30th November. If you join the waiting list beforehand, we’ll send you some extra bonuses upon seeing your purchase order.

Now… let’s talk about some ways you can level up your Black Friday sale.

A few of you have asked me if you need a product to run a Black Friday sale. No, you don’t. You could also run a promo on your packages, or a discount on any of your service. If you’re a retailer, you can create a “Black Friday” special pack too.

When preparing your marketing material for this weekend’s sale, here are some tips to consider:

  • Keep your marketing message language friendly and well, as human as possible. There’s no need for jargon if you want to quickly appeal to their pain points.

  • Tell your audience how your own product or service helped you, or another client. For example, reading Feetri from 15BigDream’s ebook that’s available in the Instagram Content Marketing Starter Pack made me so much more confident with putting up my face on Instagram stories. Share your authentic story about how you believe in your product or service!

  • Do a quick proofread before you hit the launch button. Fix all the typos you can (or just DM me on Instagram if you need a quick look through of your marketing message!)

  • Sending emails to your existing database? A/B test your email headlines, make one of them an emotional-based headline. This way you can see which one works better.

  • Describe your product or service! If it’s an ebook, how many pages is it? If it’s a video, how long is it? If it’s a product, what are the dimensions or weight?

  • Add or share reviews/testimonials on your social media or your landing page.

  • A few days before the sale, share teasers. Start answering frequently asked questions that lead up to why you are running the promotion. Example - a lot of business owners find it difficult to learn different content types. That’s why we created a Content Marketing Starter Pack bundle!

  • Address your messages to the “one” reader, not to a crowd. Use words like “you” and “I” instead of “our clients” or “we”.

  • FOLLOW UP! Launching your sale on Friday? Follow up on Sunday to remind them that there are only 24 hours before your promotion ends!

  • Simplify your order/payment page. You hate it when things hang or they ask you to go through a long step to make payment. Don’t do it to others!

Like these ideas? Need more help with editing your landing pages or captions for your upcoming Black Friday or even your year-end sale? Let me help you.

Highlighted Resource:

  • The Instagram Content Marketing Starter Pack is BACK. But for a few days only for the Black Friday weekend. If you missed the first round and want to get hold of this FINAL offer, join the wait list.

  • WANT TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE AMAZING CAPTIONS? My ByteClass this weekend is out of stock, but we’re opening limited seats by requests via DM or email. Join the Instagram Caption Writing Hacks - happening on Saturday, 28th November. 

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