Mini Markethings Issue 14

I completely forgot about Mini Marketing Hacks' one year anniversary. In this issue, I share how it started and what my 2021 plans are to serve you better

✨ Highlight of the week:

Last week, I spoke about how I spend a few hours a week batching content for the near future.

Was it helpful for you?

This week, I’d like to talk about my Instagram journey for the last one year.

I started Mini Marketing Hacks one year ago.

The idea was simple:

To provide my existing clients who I write for some value-add, bite-size tips on how they can market their business.

I didn’t think much of the profile until Singapore went into lockdown in April.

It felt like more people needed mini hacks to market their brands. Or to start new businesses to make ends meet. Times were hard.

Since then, my Instagram has gotten some good feedback.

And I’m grateful.

As of writing this issue, I have 1.3k followers, and I’ve even gotten some clients and made some good friends thanks to Instagram.

Few lessons from how I grew it:

  • Post consistently

  • Add value to each post / story shared

  • Engage with other people’s contents

  • Reach out to people via DM or through hashtag search

This newsletter has also crossed 100 subscribers.

Thank you!

As 2021 approaches, I’m starting to think of how I can better my content.

How I can streamline my services to help you more, too.

Here’s what I have in plan.

Services will continue - web page writing, blog posts writing, lead magnet support for websites. I also plan to continue my Instagram caption writing service and my LinkedIn post support packages as well.

However, I plan to skew my content on Mini Marketing Hacks’ Instagram to revolve more around content marketing strategy, especially with written content. Details about each post will plus more marketing resources will be included in issues of this newsletter.

My passive income: Kindle ebooks, Udemy courses, Short courses, Buy Me A Coffee, and the Homeless book.

Are you looking for help with any particular area of content marketing? Let me know, please, so I can include it in my content calendar.

Highlighted Resource:

  • The Instagram Content Marketing Starter Pack is MAKING A COMEBACK. But for a few days only. If you missed the first round and want to get hold of this FINAL offer, join the wait list. (Hint: releasing end of November).

  • 2 SEATS LEFT: Struggling with writing captions for Instagram? Join my upcoming ByteClass: Instagram Caption Writing Hacks - happening on Saturday, 28th November. 

Favourite reads from the internet:

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